These resources for writers, editors, publishers, and other media professionals are only several of hundreds more broken down by categories and updated monthly.  To see them all, join or learn more about the benefits of the American Society of Authors and Writers.  The nation's alternative weekly newspapers (The Village Voice, The Chicago Reader) are proliferating at a phenomenal rate.  And why not?  They offer in-depth coverage of stories often overlooked by the big-city dailies.  But keeping tabs on the more than 130 of these alternative sources of offbeat stories has been difficult at best...until now.  Check out this searchable site for all the best--and some of the worst--in alternative news.

The Brookings Institution  One of Washington's oldest and most highly regarded think tanks, The Brookings Institution is an independent, nonpartisan organization devoted to research, analysis, and public education, with an emphasis on economics, foreign policy, and governance.  Its 140 scholars and 200 research assistants and support staff contribute to researching issues; writing books, papers, articles, and opinion pieces; presenting expert testimony before Congress; and more. 

Facts Behind the News  InfoPlease offers current news headlines plus various related articles fleshing out behind-the-scenes stories.  Along with its in-depth reporting, you'll find a plethora of almanac-type listings broken down by subject matter, new information, and a new way of accessing existing concepts.

Fagan Finder  We're not exactly sure what a Fagan is, either.  But we do know that this nifty little site is filled with reference links, sources, and means of acquiring information, files, and other goodies quickly and easily.  Think of it as a shopping mall of resources under a single roof, from reference and media links to quotes and useful tools. 
Foreign Affairs  Whether you're  researching a foreign novel or working as an overseas correspondent, when you need info on foreign locales, you need Foreign Affairs, the monthly publication of the non-profit Council on Foreign Affairs.  In addition to each monthly issue, you'll find "Background on the News" and "Browse by Topic" particularly useful.  And links such as "Back Issues," "Academic Resource Programs," and "International Editions" are worth their weight in shekels.    
Looksmart  Here you'll find a magazine-article style search engine dishing up detailed articles on virtually every subject in the universe--from fruitcake and making Swedish glog to pain pills and choosing between different types of nuts.  You can find and read 3.5 million articles from more than 700 publications, making this the perfect spot for both new story ideas and conducting in-depth research.  MagPortal  This is a great site when you need to find and access magazines fast.  It's broken down by categories and easily navigated.  Find an article you like, and use the felt-tipped marker pen (mark for My Articles) to mark it or the (similar articles) to search out similar articles, a very handy feature when you're looking for multiple article resources and don't want to stop to download every piece you stumble across. 
New Perspectives on the West  In a conversation with PBS several years ago, Kiowa poet N. Scott Momaday remarked that the American West "is a place that has to be seen to be believed, and it may have to be believed in order to be seen."  Over the past five years, the network has logged more than 100,000 air-miles and filmed 72 interviews comprising 250 hours of film.  The results are facts and figures about the real Old West not available anywhere else.
Topix.Net  This resource for book and article ideas features a comprehensive place to find out what's happening anywhere and everywhere around the world.  News stories are broken down by categories and concepts.  As it calls itself, this is "One site, 3,600 sources, complete coverage for over 150,000 topics."  The Linus Pauling Institute's Micronutrient Information Center is an updated source for accurate information regarding the roles of specific vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals (plant chemicals that may affect health), and other micro-nutrients and identifying the role they play in preventing disease and promoting health.

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