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May 12, 2010

Writer: Funny Food Reviewer

Blogger: Fashion

Writer/Editor: Chemistry, Biology, and Physics

Editor: Historical Novels

Writer/Interviewer: Variety of Subjects

Copywriter: Direct Response

Translator: Technovate Inc. Agency

Book Editor: Children's Books Age 3 - 8

Blogger: Home Decor

Writer: Wikipedia Contributing Specialist

Blogger: Internetbrands.com Websites

Writer: Guide to Phone Apps

Blogger: Cell Phones

Writer/Editor: Healthcare

May 11, 2010

Content Writer: Renewable Energy

Content Writer: MakeUseOf.com

Writer: Academic Papers

Writer: About Dating Age 35 - 55

Content Writer: BuddyTV.com Entertainment

Writer: Automotive Expert

Editor: Immune Biology Text

Content Writer: Beauty

Blogger: Justmeans Business

May 10, 2010

Writer: Funny and Creative Contests

Content Writer: Quarterly Newsletter

Content Writer/Blogger: Cruise Ship Employment

Content Writer/Blogger: Visually Oriented Green Design/Architecture

Content Writer: Movies, Games, and Reviews

Writer: Company Bio

Writer/Editor: Various Simple Tasks

Blogger: AOL Travel

Ghostwriter: Private Lister Novella

Copywriter: Startup Company

Writer/Editor: Web Research Project

Content Writer: Parenting Site


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