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Beyond the Law

by Bobbie J. Allen

This book presents the lives of a circle of people who, in various ways, have been trampled by acts of violence.  The people within this circle depict the devastating frailty of human nature and a darkness and pain that transcends the bounds of the law, liberating within one a killer instinct.

The killer uses an arrow to fatally wound its prey, perhaps mocking love gone bitter by wounding the men who abuse their loved ones with “cupid’s” arrow.  The reader will be captivated as the characteristics of all of the actors are laid bare; each road is paved toward the revelation of a cold-blooded and unlikely killer.

In Beyond the Law, Bobbie J. Allen brings all her life experiences to bear: as a wife, mother, and as one who has witnessed domestic violence and its horrendous effects.  She has successfully studied law on two continents, having achieved a J. D. in America and a Masters of Law ( L. L. M.) in England.  She is an avid Constitutional Law Scholar and writes for legal journals.

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