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A Perfect Peace

by Glynn Compton Harper

A Perfect Peace is a story about gay men at war, both a shooting war and the war for dignity in a homophobic society.  It is set in Britain and France in WWII.  The book's gay protagonist, Bobby Joe Keyes, is a handsome 19-year-old from rural East Texas.  He meets another soldier, Tony James, in training for the Normandy Invasion and the two fall in love.  James is wounded and the two are separated.  In the struggle to be reunited with James, conflict with a hostile fellow soldier and the war draws Keyes into a series of lies, deceptions and sexual misadventures.  After the D-Day invasion, Keyes too is wounded in battle but finally finds his lover once again.

The story shows how with courage and confidence in their own worth gay men and women can find peace for themselves in a hostile world filled with conflict.

A Perfect Peace provides a very realistic depiction of the horrors of war and the grotesque conditions of the battlefield.  One can almost hear and smell the gunfire.  You can download sample chapters from A Perfect Peace at

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