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Deadly Rejection

by Anne Hart

Chapter One

Mark Dallas would love to open a Father’s Day card from his daughter, but his Father’s days will never be the same ever again. He would like to tell his daughter he loves her and hear her say “I love you too Dad,” but he won't ever hear that again. He would like to see his daughter’s smiling face as she greets the customers who come into their family owned convenience store, but that will never happen again.

Sarah Dallas would love to hug her daughter and have all her children together for the holidays, but those Holidays will never be the same.

Jennifer Jo’s four-year-old son, Connor, would love to hug his mother and have her tuck him into his bed, listen to his prayers and kiss him good night, but he will live the rest of his life without his mother’s love, her touch, her smile.

The customers at her family’s convenience store would

Like to see her smiling face as she greets them each morning but she won't greet them any more.

Jennifer’s sisters want to hang out with her and go to their brother’s football games together cheering him on, but there won't be any more football games for Jennifer.

Sometime Christmas night Nineteen-ninety-three, between the hours of ten p.m. Christmas night and eight a.m. The day after Christmas their beautiful, vibrant, loving daughter, sister and mother of four-year-old Connor was brutally raped and stabbed to death in her Marathon Florida duplex. Duct tape bound her hands. A plastic dress bag had been placed over her head and tied with red ribbon around her neck. The petite Twenty-two-year old mother was brutally murdered on a calm, cool silent night in her own home by someone she knew or at the very least by someone she thought she knew. A crime of passion, a random killing… or did someone decide it was her time to die? Why the killing of a young mother, daughter and friend to all who knew her? A killing which defied all reason.

For the Dallas family finding answers to their daughter’s brutal murder would be like using a teaspoon to remove water from a sinking ship, and all her parents want to know is why. Who hated Jennifer? They couldn't think of anyone who hated their daughter. Hated her so much that she had to die, whatever he had done to her, they wanted to know why he had to kill her. “Surely he was in a rage to murder my daughter so brutally.” “Stabbing her once wasn't enough,” Mark said; why on earth did he have to stab her again and again, tearing her body to shreds. Why,” he sobbed, “all we want to know is why.” What did she do to deserve that, Mark asked his brother?

Jennifer would have never done anything to anyone to deserve this. She adopted stray animals; she let the neighbor kids come and play with Connor whenever she was home. She fed them cookies, and popsicicles.

“David hugged Mark, letting him cry until he didn’t think Mark could cry anymore. He was afraid to let him go. He wished he had the answers his brother was looking for. He was as stunned about Jennifer’s death, as the rest of the family. Never in his lifetime did he think he would lose a family member, and certainly not to murder.

The family was frightened, because they had no answers to why Jennifer was killed they were sure she didn't have to die; she would have done whatever the killer asked of her. He didn't have to kill her.

How long before the killer strikes again? Did his daughter know this man? Did she see him when he entered her home? Until they had answers all they could do was wonder who did this and why.

Mark didn't want to wait; he didn't want to wonder.

He wanted answers and he wanted them now, today.

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