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Please fill in the following form for us to arrange for a Virtual Book Signing with the Author's Place author of your choice.  You can promote the event on-site and locally as you would any conventional book signing.  For each book you sell and signature request you receive, simply e-mail us your customer's name and the desired inscription.  We'll e-mail a confirmation response back to you and attach the author's handwritten inscription and signature as requested, to be printed out and given to your customer for insertion in the book. 

You'll need a computer, an active e-mail account, and a printer at the point-of-purchase in order to participate.  We'll even send you via regular mail the blank signature stock, complete with your store's name, address, and telephone number on the top, sized to fit inside the book.

Now, for the first time in publishing history, you can arrange for a Virtual Book Signing at the same date and at the same time for one store or one hundred--for one author or for many!  It's totally up to you.

Please allow four weeks' advance notice to set up a Virtual Book Signing and to receive your blank signature stock.

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