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In the Realm of Eden

by Robert J. Emery


“In the Realm of Eden is an extraordinary suspenseful page turner by an author who possesses an unusual but insightful understanding of the human condition. The challenge for readers will be to keep from putting it down before they reach the startling and totally unexpected ending. A really clever novel from a writer with vision! This is a thriller and should be a major motion picture.” - Tom Garrett, Professor, Film Arts Media, University of Tampa

“Bob Emery’s Realm of Eden is full of taut excitement and a wonderful storyline; it makes for a fabulous read. I could not put it down until it was finished. I would look for the next volume in this hopefully serial adventure. If I published books instead of media, I’d have jumped on this great novel.” - Michael Bennett, President, TMW Media Group

“A terrific mix of Michael Crichton and Jeffrey Deaver, In the Realm of Eden is a wire-taut political thriller, with danger all the way, a fascinating cast, and a breathless ending.” - James Thayer, author of The Boxer and the Rose”

“From Flores Island, Indonesia, and the deep jungles of New Guinea, to the White House and the sands of Arizona, In the Realm of Eden will shock and surprise.  A riveting and frightening chase and a finale that is astonishing and unsettling and just might be a prediction of things to come. A great story. - Richard O. Jacobs, author of Crash Landing

“Ambitious new look at an old tale of deception-crisply told, with rich imagery and an ear for dialogue. Emery provides something for everyone, allowing even the most skeptical to get caught up in the interwoven tales of political intrigue, science fiction, and the human condition. We’ve all asked the question, ‘Why are we here?’ After reading In the Realm of Eden, we may not like the answer.” - Elise Warner, Senior News Editorial Producer, New York.

“Eden is an action-packed, sci-fi adventure that looks outside our planet and sees the nature of the beast within. It was an exciting ride, an enchanting and suspense-filled journey with a nail-biting race between rogue government agents after an out of this world visitor and a young White House aide on the run. Eden reaches for the stars and delivers a fantastic and gripping earth-bound adventure … the vivid characters spring to life.” - Michael Sarcona, Television Producer, New York

Glenbridge Publishing

Hardcover: $24.95

ISBN: 0944435653


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