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Sabre de Pleiades


by Bernadette Y. Quander


WINNER! - 2014 Pacific Book Review Writer's Awards for Fantasy


About the Author

My name is Bernadette Y. Quander, and I have been involved in the teaching profession for the last 10 years, working with children in kindergarten to young adults in Art and Design school.  I have faced many challenges simply to impart crucial knowledge and skills to the impressionable minds under my guidance.  My proudest moments as an educator come when the students understand and master what I teach them.  But, my free time for writing was limited and my desires and goals were not being met.  I just wasn't happy with me!


I needed to share with the world what I see and the skills I have acquired in the field of creative writing and drawing.  So I turned my writing hobby into a fledgling business.  My professional title is Author / Publisher at Tall Tales 509 (TT509 - five zero nine), which specializes in assisting the independent author with his or her publishing needs.  I received my masters in Education from Regis University with emphasis on the role of quality leadership.


Tall Tales 509 published its first title, Sabre de Pleiades, the first installment of a 9 book series, in November 2012.  The second book of the series will be out in Fall of 2014.  TT509 will publish a young lady who has written a beautifully told true story for young children in the Spring of 2014.  TT509 will release its first graphic Espionage Romance thriller in Fall of 2014.  This is an exciting time for the written word and the creative mind.


I am currently involved with The Independent Book Publishers Association and The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.  My hobbies and interests include travel and creative writing.  I am drawn to and passionate about charitable organizations such as World Vision.  Two of my sponsored children have been adopted.  The American Indian Relief Council is also an organization that holds true concerns for me.


Contact: Author Bernadette Y. Quander


My View of America


Morning brings the rising sun every day in America.  Clouds full of rain, devastating twisters, horrific hurricanes, ravaging snow storms, or just simplistic beauty may hide its face from some of the people some of the time.  But those citizens who are so fortunate to feel its warmth merely dismiss its presence and prepare for their daily routines.


Tucked away in every corner of our nation are unidentified men and women who ponder upon the plight of our great society.  They are indeed miniature potters.  No, their objectives are not merely molding lumps of clay gathered from the slurry buckets of a cast off, tossed aside, unfunded form of art.  These determined individuals are the boat rockers, the innovators, and the brain feeders who are stepping away from the accepted practice of doing nothing.


Their objective is to stimulate great thinkers and great doers and guide young eager minds to explore and push the limits of human intelligence. I see them struggle daily and tackle obstacles that attempt to block and hamper those lofty goals of truly educating our youth, who in turn will help educate the world.


My soul cringes when a family with children is burdened by hunger in our society.  My head aches when an administrator removes Art or PE and Music from a schools curriculum.  My blood boils when code switching is implemented within a multilingual curriculum instead of purposefully teaching English and allowing sufficient time for an ELL student to master the language prior to exposure of a state mandated test.


But when I put on my rose-colored glasses, I see the unemployed and wonder how many entrepreneurs will be born out of necessity?  I see the end of poverty, I see the cure for Autism, I see the renewed urgency of quality education, I see the goodwill of all our citizens, and I see peace among the subcultures that proliferate our society as a whole.  The quote on the Statue of Liberty says it best about my great America:


“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send

these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp

beside the golden door.”


About the Book


Type: Fiction


Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy, Young Adult


Reviews: Sabre de Pleiades


Autographed Copies: $25.99 Hardcover, $15.99 Paperback, $2.99 eBook.  Contact: Author Bernadette Y. Quander


Interviews: Yes


Personal Appearances: Yes


Publisher: Tall Tales 509 (Website Under Construction)


Editor: Brian Edenfield, Graphic Composition, Inc.


Cover Copy:

It is the year 20509.  On the world of Moreipa in the Pleiades Star System, two brothers devise a plan.  They are sons of an Earth woman and a spirit king—Sabre is human, but his older brother Panache is a spirit who desires to be human.  Sabre promises to help his brother find a suitable human form.  Enlisting the aid of his best friend, Kenturah Red-Feather, they transport a human being from twentieth-century Earth.  The world’s most famous entertainer, Morton Jacobs, is chosen to blend body and spirit with Panache.  Before long, however, Morton sees the real reason Panache wants a human form while a stranger plants a seed of evil to get rid of Sabre.


In an ancient book written by his grandfather, Sabre finds pages documenting the events that led humans to find a new home world similar to Earth, which was destroyed many years ago.  There are warnings of dangerous challenges ahead—death will come nine times to the descendant of the Po-at slave.  Despite this discovery, Sabre makes plans to journey to Earth.  He uses the ancient ritual technique of Mind Travel on the queen, but a glitch turns him into a cat, sending him to a small North American town in the year 1993.


Back on Moreipa, King Vandro finds out his son used Queen Shalowae for his mind travel and is lost on Earth.  He sends out a team to bring Sabre home and to contain a toxic organism that was accidentally released.  As the team arrives on Earth, they learn the organism only infects domestic animals and Sabre is nowhere to be found.  If the Mind Travel is reversed, Sabre can return to Moreipa.  But the consequences may be more deadly than anyone can imagine!


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