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Message to My Butterfly


by Gabriela Sbarcea


About the Author
Gabriela Sbarcea was born in 1978 in the city of Constanta, Romania.  She grew up in a small village close to Constanta and went to school in Eforie Sud, a sun bathed tourist town on the shores of the Black Sea.  She walked through the wheat and sunflower fields a mile and a half to school each day, grew fascinated with philosophy in her teenage years, and yearned for the financial independence she would work for and gain on her own.

Gabriela graduated Loyola University Chicago, with a major in accounting and minor in philosophy.  She began her writing career by publishing a number of poems in her Eforie Sud high-school newspaper, Loyola University’s Cadence volume of poetry, A Passionate Sky coffee table compilation of poems published by the International Library of Poetry, and biweekly articles about her life as a U.S. immigrant for Cuget Liber, Constanta’s main newspaper.

To make ends meet, Gabriela followed her public accounting and business career path.  She sustained herself financially through college and throughout her life.  She aimed to return to her homeland, Romania, as her family remained behind.  

After nearly eight years in her business career, a major Boston based financial institution offered her to relocate her form Chicago to Boston, where she now resides.   She adores the cobblestone, the architecture, and the history of Boston.  “Besides,” she smiles.  “It’s closer to home.



About the Book
Text messaging, fury, madness, irrational passion, poetry...the love affair between Romanian expatriots is a modern tale of borderline insanity and over-the-top submission.  He is her butterfly and she is his porcelain doll...but is she the only one?


He makes her happy and miserable through the blinding beauty of his wings as he glides with an imponderable presence, landing gracefully in her palm.  When he leaves, the emptiness cannot be filled by anyone or anything.  Can it?


"A stunning work.  It's an amazing first novel, filled with endless

exuberance and unconditional love.  Artfully crafted, painfully executed, remarkably candid.  Not to be missed!" - Don Bacue,

International Features Syndicate


"He has no boundaries; she knows no humiliation."

Message to My Butterfly (Delizon Publishers, 2012) by Gabriela Sbarcea, US $11.99, EUR 9.99e, $12.99 CAN.  Fiction.  Mainstream/Contemporary; Women's.  This captivating book is written in first person with chronologically dated messages from the protagonist's point-of-view.  It's a poetic paean to life, love, lunacy, and deliverance through messaging and dialogue, a modern-day love story for a rapidly changing world.

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Message to My Butterfly

by Gabriela Sbarcea


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