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Are you ready to begin promoting your authors' book signings without going through all of the hassle of a traditional signing?  Now you can promote any event on-site, locally, just as if it were a conventional book signing--and far more conveniently and cost effectively--with AmSAW's exclusive Virtual Book Signing. 

For each book you sell and inscription request you receive from a customer during a Virtual Book Signing, simply fax or e-mail us your customer's name and the desired inscription. 

Within minutes, AmSAW will fax or e-mail a confirmation response back to you and attach the inscription and the author's handwritten signature as an acknowledgement of receipt.  You simply give the temporary receipt to your customer.

Within days, the author will mail an attractive hand-signed pressure-sensitive inscription to be applied by the customer to the endpaper of the book.  We'll even include your store's name and contact information at the bottom as a future reference for your customers.

Easy Money

All a bookseller needs at the point of sale in order to participate in a Virtual Book Signing is a computer, an active e-mail account, and a fax machine or printer.  The author will even furnish the bookseller with all promotional materials, including posters, flyers, bookmarks, etc.

Now, for the first time in publishing history, authors and booksellers everywhere can arrange for a Virtual Book Signing at the same time and on the same date...for one store or for a hundred!  Or even set them up weekly for optimum exposure and maximum sales!

The results: No more expensive, time-consuming, and disappointing book signings in order to sell an author's books.  No more long lines and longer waits for bookstore customers to get what they came for.  Best of all, what used to take hours now takes only minutes.  And that translates into more sales, more good will...and more money for everybody!

Want to recommend our exclusive Virtual Book Signing to your favorite authors?  Just send this page as an e-mail, all ready to go!  [ ]  Or fill out the form below to request a time and date to arrange for your favorite Author's Place author's Virtual Book Signing today.

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