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D. J. Herda
Professional Bio

Fiction Books and Single Titles (40)

From Desert to Oasis - Zen and the Art of Pond Building (Nonfiction - Purchased by Sterling Press for Spring 2007 Publication)
Rings of Fire ("Rings" Series, Action/Adventure-Romance - Unpublished, Film Rights *Optioned by Eddie Kritzer Productions)
Dark Winds of Pristina ("Rings" Series, Action/Adventure-Romance - Unpublished)
Mistress of the Rings ("Rings" Series, Action/Adventure-Romance - Unpublished)
Dial M for Carlotta (Mystery - *Published by Pink Flamingo Press)
Bound for Carlotta
("Carlotta" Series, Romance-Thriller - Unpublished)
Carlottas Return
("Carlotta" Series, Romance-Thriller - In Progress)
The Secret Arroyo (Western - Unpublished)
The Death and Life of Hymie Stiehl
("Hymie" Series, Mystery/Literary - Published by ArcheBooks)
Death Stalks Belize ("Hymie" Series, Mystery/Literary - In Progress)
Murder in the Court ("Hymie" Series, Mystery/Literary - In Progress)
The Winds of Kabul (Mystery - *Published by Playboy Press)
Two Mules for McCandless (Detective - In Progress)
California Dreamin (Literary - In Progress)
Chi-Town Blues (Short Story Collection - Unpublished)
Dark Seeds: Hemingway Out of Havana (Historical Fiction - Unpublished)
Backside Blues ("Nick and Nora" Series, Mystery - Unpublished)
Chameleon ("Nick and Nora" Series, Mystery - Unpublished)
Stakeout (Nick and Nora" Series, Mystery - Unpublished)
Ghosts at the Round Table (Narrative Nonfiction - In Progress)
Big-Bang Baby and Oedipus Edifice Rex (Narrative Nonfiction - In Progress)
To Dance with Dolphins (Narrative Nonfiction - In Progress)
From Desert to Oasis: Zen and the Art of Pond Building (How-To Nonfiction - Unpublished)
Mister Chief Justice: Earl Warren ("Justices" Series - Nonfiction - In Progress)
And Justice for All: Thurgood Marshall ("Justices" Series - Nonfiction - In Progress)
The Afghan Rebels (Published by Franklin Watts-Grolier)
Cancer (Published by Franklin Watts-Grolier)
Famous Outlaws of the Old West (Published by Millbrook Press)
Land Use (Published by Franklin Watts)
Energy Use (Published by Franklin Watts)
Vegetables in a Pot (Published by Simon & Schuster)
The Bicycle Book (Published by Non-Fiction - Consumer Guide Press)
Dirt Bike Racing (Published by Simon & Schuster)
The First Book of Roller Skating (Franklin Watts)
The Complete Book of Roller Skating (Published by Non-Fiction - Consumer Guide Press)
The 1980 Photo Buying Guide (Published by Non-Fiction - Consumer Guide Press)
The 1979 Photo Buying Guide (Published by Non-Fiction - Consumer Guide Press)
Growing Trees Indoors (Published by Non-Fiction - Nelson Hall)
Carpentry for Kids (Published by Franklin Watts)
Native Plant Terrariums (Published by Simon & Schuster)
Evonne Goolagong Free Spirit (Published by Raintree)

Non-Fiction Books in Series (47)

Landmark Supreme Court Cases Series (Published by Enslow Books)
Roe v. Wade
v. Georgia
Dred Scott
v. Sanford
New York Times
v. United States
United States
v. Nixon
Regents of University of California
v. Bakke
v. Maryland
v. Madison
v. United States
v. Hardwick
v. Ferguson

Famous Supreme Court Justices Series (Published by Enslow Books)
Thurgood Marshall
Earl Warren
Sandra Day O'Connor

Historical America Series (Published by Millbrook Press)
6 Separate Regional Books in Series (NE, SE, NC, SC, NW, SW)

Ethnic America Series (Published by Millbrook Press)
6 Separate Regional Books in Series (NE, SE, NC, SC, NW, SW)

Environmental America Series (Published by Millbrook Press)
6 Separate Regional Books in Series (NE, SE, NC, SC, NW, SW)

Photography Series (Published by Raintree Publishers)
Take a Look
Picture Perfect
Close Up
Through the Lens

Model Series (Published by Franklin Watts)
Model Railroads
Model Cars
Model Boats

Holiday Series (Published by Franklin Watts)

Microcomputer Series (Published by Franklin Watts)
Microcomputer Peripherals
Microcomputer Maintenance

Satellite Series (Published by Franklin Watts)
Operation Rescue--Rescue Satellites in Action
Communication Satellites
Research Satellites

Published Magazine Articles and Short Stories (400-Plus)

Published in Parade, True, Ski, Consumer Guide, Conde Nast, Chicago Magazine, Chicago Northshore, Chicago/FM Guide, Detroit Monthly, Miami Southwest Florida, Milwaukee Magazine, Denver Magazine, San Antonio Monthly, Mpls/St. Paul, Twin Cities Magazine, San Diego Magazine, Rockford Magazine, Utah Holiday, Holiday/Travel Magazine, Catholic Digest, The Elks Magazine, VFW Magazine, The Lions Magazine, Computers and Electronics, Outside, Success Unlimited, Cross Country Skier, Organic Gardening, The Writer, Writer's Digest, Writer's Annual, etc.

Published Newspaper Articles and Short Stories (4,000-Plus)

Published in The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun-Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Oakland Tribune, The San Diego Union, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, The Milwaukee Journal, The Milwaukee Sentinel, The Detroit Free Press, The Detroit News, The Miami Herald, The Dallas Times-Herald, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Dallas Star, The Toledo Blade, The  Houston Post, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, The Kansas City Star, The Arizona Daily Star, The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, The Denver Post, The Rocky Mountain News, The New Orleans Times-Picayune, Orlando Sentinel, San Antonio News-Express, etc.

Published Newspaper Columns (260,000-Plus)

Former author of several nationally and internationally syndicated columns, including "In Focus," "Photographically Speaking," "Skiing Today," "Traveling Today," "Travelers' Cove," and "Traveling Photographer," appearing in as many as 1,100 newspapers and reaching more than 20 million readers weekly.


Former writer, director, producer of nationally syndicated weekly television spot, Skiing Today.


Writer, director, producer of two consumer videotapes on photography.


Exhibits in the Russell Rotunda, Dirksen Senate Building, U. S. Capitol Bldg., Washington, D.C.; Nikon Galleries, Rockefeller Center, New York, NY; Graff Fine Arts Center, St. George, Utah; and in galleries and collections throughout the U.S.   More than 50,000 photos published in most major magazines and newspapers.

Book Production

Designer, producer, and co-publisher of the award-winning 18-book children's series, "The American Scene," examining key issues affecting Americans and their country.


Reporter, The Southtown Economist, Chicago.  Reporter, The Chicago Tribune.  Articles Editor, The Elks Magazine, Chicago, producing an award-winning monthly publication for the B.P.O.E.  Contributing Editor, Chicago Magazine.  Managing Editor, The Madison News, Madison, Wisconsin.  Editor-in-Chief, SCRIBE! Media Magazine.  Book Editor, The Raintree Press, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Wrote and directed The Trouble with Pirates, Chicago, 1969; wrote for production The English Carpheads, Muse Theatre in the Flats, Cleveland, 1972.

Art Pieces

Award-winning creator of paintings, sculptures, pottery, and miscellaneous art pieces in galleries, shops, and private collections throughout the country.  


Former Editor-in-Chief and exclusive provider of travel content for several high-end web sites, including Travelers Cove, Galleria Eros Writer's Lounge, Galleria Eros Artist's Lounge, and the American Society of Authors and Writers, with combined visitor hits of more than 30,000 monthly.  Columnist for Planters by Design.


Former ghost writer for Ronnie Schell, Lawrence Welk, Art Linkletter, etc.  Former ghost writer/photographer for Sammy Davis Jr.  Scriptwriter for educational and consumer cable television, in-flight airline, etc.


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