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Alianiello, Gina

Advertising Copy, Articles (Print & Web), Blogs, Book Reviews, Case Studies/Company Histories/Profiles, Editing, Essays, Poetry, Press Releases, Proofreading, Rewriting, Scripts, Teaching/Mentoring, Web Content & SEO Writing


Professional Commendations


Stanley Fishman

Author, Tender Grassfed Meat


“I was so impressed by your [book] review that I asked the executive director for your email address so I could thank you. Your review provided a vivid, interesting and accurate description of the book. In fact, your review made me want to buy the book, even though I wrote it! I was even more impressed by the fact that your review showed a true understanding of what I was trying to do with the book. “ 


Ed Bennet

President, PPNF (Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation)


“The book review is excellent! I doubt if we will need to make any major changes, if at all. Your enthusiasm for the subject certainly shows, and is expressed in a very readable manner.”  


Eric M. Dale

President, National Fix and Flip Network, Inc.

(Largest U.S. network of real estate investors—over 300,000 members)


“Gina produced phenomenal content for us and was able to tailor the content so effectively thru the use of specifically targeted key words that our SEO rankings shot up dramatically in a very short period of time. This contributed significantly to our rapid growth and gave us a solid web presence that we still enjoy today. I would recommend Gina to anyone looking to increase their traffic significantly thru the use of extremely good content. She is a delight to work with and her knowledge in this field is unmatched.  


Brandt Dainow

CEO, Think Metrics

(International Web Analyst & Marketing guru)


“You’re the most talented SEO copywriter I’ve ever encountered.”


“Gina is a stunning writer of high-quality marketing copy. I employ many writers and she is certainly one of the best I have ever worked with. When using her, I can be 100% certain my clients will be thrilled with the work she produces. ”


“It is unusual to see so much improvement so quickly. In particular it is rare for all phrases, which were not in the search engines before, to gain their first listings within a few weeks. We normally allow three months for this.”


“…best performance I’ve ever seen”


 Todd Atkins

SEO Project Manager, Fruition


“…one of our top copywriters. [Gina] has been asked by clients for special attention and consulting.”





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