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ST. GEORGE, UTAH, March 2005 - Chicago-born author D. J. Herda announces publication of the first book in his latest series featuring his latest literary creation, Hymie Stiehl. 

The book, titled Solid Stiehl: The Death and Life of Hymie Stiehl, involves Stiehl and sidekick D. J. Taliman.  Together, they investigate strange happenings and bizarre crimes with a distinctive Chicago flavor.  The first book in the series is set in the Windy City and centers around the mysterious disappearances of ex-Chicago White Sox player Jungle Jim Alavera and the president of Columbia College.  Working with Taliman, a Columbia College writing instructor, Stiehl goes underground in drag to learn the whereabouts of the purloined president. 

The “Hymie Stiehl” series was created by Herda to appeal to the mass market audience of who-dunnit and detective fans.  Stiehl is an amateur detective, a seasoned newspaper veteran, Chicago’s unofficial poet laureate, and a “Yiddish bulldog” who locks onto a case—like a dog onto the seat of your pants—and won't let go until it's solved.

The first book in the series draws upon true-to-life Chicago culture and lore.  Much of the book’s action centers around Columbia College, a communication arts college from which Herda was graduated in 1966.  The story involves several members of the 1959 American League Champion “Hey-Hey” Chicago White Sox, former legendary sports announcer Jack Brickhouse, former mayor Richard J. Daley, and other Windy City notables.

The series is the first to feature an amateur sleuth of Jewish heritage joining ranks with a much younger, much hipper Gentile foil.  The book is Herda’s 80th and marks the 35th anniversary since the publication of his first book.  In celebration of his new series, Herda plans to inaugurate a Web site devoted to detective and mystery aficionados. 

The site, called The Hymie Stiehl Irregulars, opens soon with a mailing to more than 10,000 prospective members.  Herda announced the Web site as an indication of his intent to be an active participant in the promotion of the new Hymie Stiehl series.  Two other Hymie Stiehl books are scheduled for release within the next 12 months.

In addition to being a prolific author, Herda is a noted journalist and former syndicated columnist with The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, and more than a thousand other daily newspapers.  He is president of the American Society of Authors and Writers ( and is a professional photographer whose works have appeared throughout the world.  His paintings and sculptures are in museums, galleries, and collections worldwide.  Herda currently lives and writes in St. George, Utah.


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