The Lighter Side

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If you think that writing is a solitary sport, one in which there is little or no room for levity, think again, because you have a funny way of looking at things.

If, on the other hand, you think that writing is one of the strangest, most self-absorbed, and most ridiculously humorous of all human endeavors, click ahead, Macbeth.  We're going to show you you're right.

We hope you enjoy this lighter moment from the creative minds of AmSAW. 

And, by all means, if you find the writers' cartoons on these pages entertaining, feel free to copy and distribute them in their entirety.  (In other words, no editing, condensing, altering, modifying, or fudging with the artwork whatsoever or we will be forced to have you spayed or neutered...and possibly both!)

Animal Instincts

Dear Sirs...
(July 2007)
My novel...
(July 2007)


Just a Thought...

About animal abuse...
(Sept. 2007)
I was thinking...
(July 2007)
When you were in jail...
(July 2007)


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