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We're glad to see you here at the American Society of Authors and Writers, where you'll discover exactly what AmSAW and its professional members can do for your writing career: Whatever you want!

At AmSAW, we know it's true what they say.  There really is strength in numbers.  As the number-one media society in the world, we're committed to help you find that agent, publisher, editor, producer, publicist, or backer. 

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We can also find you that ghostwriter, book doctor, editor, or other media professional you've been searching for.  If you're looking for a free preschool for your toddler, though, we can't help.  A spouse for dear old dad?  Uh-uh.  The best low-cal pizza in town? You have got to be kidding.

But if you want to find the publishers, producers, directors, agents, and other media professionals of your dreams, you're in the right place.

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As an American Society of Authors and Writers Associate Member, you'll receive writing tips, book-editors' want lists, literary agent updates, hot new book releases, tips for struggling writers looking to break into print, and much more. Included is a periodic newsletter from widely published author and AmSAW president and eighty-book author D. J. Herda at our sister site, located at djherda.org. All this plus tips for better writing; useful advice for getting your book into shape before shopping it around; links to finding the right editor, ghostwriter, book doctor, or agent for you; a direct conduit to Mr. Herda's decades of literary and teaching experience for all your publishing-related questions; plus Writing Right: The Blog, filled with writing tips, news, timely information of value to writers, and more. All this is created by writers for writers to help you excel.  All free, all the time.

Heard enough?  Want proof?  Then get serious.  Get going.  And get all the help you need from AmSAW.  There's no better means of advancing your own literary career or finding the people who are looking to publish or produce your best manuscripts and screenplays.


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