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06-15-07 Funny Business  Peter Karabats of Exit 99 Pictures (Pop Rocks, Hysteria: The Def Leppard Story) is searching for high concept comedy screenplays with male/female leads 18-35. Also need Christmas comedies, tongue-in-cheek horror scripts with 20-something leads and romantic comedies with a strong hook. Please send log-line.  If interested, we will request script and send a release form.  Contact Exit 99 Pictures, 13002 Riverside Drive, Suite 4, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423, 818-389-3543, exit99pictures@earthlink.net

06-15-07 Lost All Touch with Reality  Looking for a Unique Fantasy screenplay approx 60 pages.  Should have special effects and must be character driven.  Contact: John at Adee Ave Productions Inc., Falcon857@optonline.net.

06-15-07 That's Horrorble!  AMF Studios (based in Italy, but movie will be shot in English language) is searching for a solid story and script for a B-movie genre feature.  Preferences on Horror but with a humor taste in the vein of Evil Dead, Bad Taste, Reanimator, Basket Case. Contaminations with Italian or other euro Grindhouse movies are highly appreciated. If interested, please email synopsis first.  Preferably .TXT or .DOC.  Contact: Alan at AMF Studios, amf@amfstudios.com.

06-15-07 Look Out Below!  Looking for a well written low budget HORROR Film to go in production this year. Send an email of the synopsis and I'll get you the address to send your script to. Contact: Vaz at Andreas Productions, jvifp@yahoo.com.

05-15-07 Horrifying!  AMF Studios (based in Italy, but movie will be shot in English language) is searching for a solid story and script for a B-movie genre feature. Preferences on Horror but with a humor taste in the vein of Evil Dead, Bad Taste, Reanimator, Basket Case. Contaminations with Italian or other euro Grindhouse movies are highly appreciated. If interested, please email synopsis first. Preferably .TXT or .DOC. Contact: Alan at AMF Studios, amf@amfstudios.com.

05-15-07 So Low It's Scary Looking for a well written low budget HORROR Film to go in production this year. Send an email of the synopsis and I'll get you the address to send your script to. Contact: Vaz at Andreas Productions, jvifp@yahoo.com.

05-15-07 Somebody's Watching  Watchman Entertainment is seeking low budget(100k-200k), character driven, feature length scripts to option. All genres except for horror will be considered. All submissions must be made by email. In the Subject Line please write: "Script Submission" and the title of your script. Include your contact info, a brief summary of the story and a logline in the body of the email. DO NOT send the complete screenplay until requested. Contact info@watchmanentertainment.com.

05-15-07 Mostly Made-Up  Looking for a sci-fi, fantasy, action, adventure screenplay anywhere from approx 15-80 pgs. Can have some special effects and must be heavily character driven. We have a great make-up artist, so creatures of all kinds are welcome, but not too extreme. Writer will not be paid, but will receive credits - very very low budget film. To be shot within the next year or so. Contact: Sam at Le Monstre Films, monstrefilms@gmail.com.

05-15-07 In "Beteen" the Sheets  Teenage inspired emotional storyline. Could be cross-genre with action and some drama. Writers need not be union members but must have an agent whose full contacts should be provided. Send synopsis and treatment with resume. Also send contact phone number. Apply to Bastien Van Tee Production International, popry9matins@yahoo.com.

05-15-07 Less Is More  I am an actor and filmmaker and am on the lookout for feature film scripts for future productions. Film scripts based on fewer locations and actors would be more suitable for us, since these are scripts that can be self-funded, should we not get any investors on board. I am particularly interested in the suspense genre. We are low budget filmmakers and have just finished our first feature movie titled 'I Hate Candy' a murder-mystery, a script which I co-wrote, and which took 2 years to complete and which we funded ourselves. Also, if you think you have an interesting idea, please email us. I'd also love to hear synopsis(es?) of scripts written in other languages as we may be able to help out with dialogues, etc. In regards to the budget, we have none in place at the moment. but we are in contact with distributors from whom we plan to seek future deals. Thanks for your interest. Apply to Rifa Films, info@rifafilms.com, Tel: +61 (0) 405 171 365, Website: http://www.rifafilms.com.


06-15-07 Independent Cuss IndieShares is seeking original feature length scripts, of all genres, to purchase and produce within a $5 million budget. IndieShares is an independent film production company dedicated to producing high quality feature length films. IndieShares was founded to give everyday people the opportunity to select and finance films. Submit WGA-registered or copyrighted scripts to submissions@indieshares.com

06-15-07 The Spirits Speak Weavings Journal, Bimonthly publication. Seeks to promote informed, committed spiritual growth with attention to the corporate dimension of the spiritual life. Pays $0.11 per word and up. Poetry $75 and up. Website: http://www.upperroom.org/weavings/.  Guidelines: http://www.upperroom.org/weavings/writing_for.asp

06-15-07 Politics as Usual  The Washington Monthly, DC-based publication covering politics, government, culture and the media. Pays $0.10 per word. Guidelines: http://www.washingtonmonthly.com/inside/writersguidelines.html.

06-15-07 He's Got the Whole World  The World & I,
A multifaceted monthly publication that presents a broad range of thought-provoking reading in politics, science, culture, humanity, and more in these seven sections - Current Issues, The Arts, Life, Natural Science, Culture, Book World, and Modern Thought. Paying market.  About: http://www.worldandi.com/about.asp, Guidelines: http://www.worldandi.com/guidelines.asp.

06-15-07 That's Life  Midwest Living, A bi-monthly lifestyle magazine with four main categories: travel, food, home and garden. Pay varies, but is generally in the range of $0.80 to $1.00 per word, plus expenses.  Guidelines: http://tinyurl.com/fmrgj.

06-15-07 Hit the Road, Gringo!  Road King, Bimonthly magazine that seeks to educate and entertain over-the-road truck drivers. Covers new truck equipment, technology, finances and driving tips, as well as non-trucking issues such as health advice, sports, music reviews and hobbies. Rates negotiable. Pays three weeks from acceptance. Rates are negotiable.  Guidelines: http://www.roadking.com/writers-guidelines/.  

06-15-07 Left Out  InTheFray Magazine, A news and literary magazine that addresses issues of identity and community. Mission is to provide meaningful dialogue on issues of belief, class, gender, nationality, physique, race, and sexuality. Pays a small honorarium for reporting pieces ($75), cultural criticism ($20-$25), book reviews ($20-$25), visual essays ($45), and travel pieces ($20-$25).  Guidelines: http://inthefray.org/content/view/192/167/.

06-15-07 Dark Side  Kimani Press, African-American romance and fiction publisher. Harlequin Kimani Press publishes four diverse lines: ARABESQUE with sexy and sophisticated contemporary romance novels; SEPIA which captures the core of the African-American experience; NEW SPIRIT for inspirational fiction and motivational non-fiction; ROMANCE, for compelling African-American love stories; and TRU, a ground-breaking African-American young adült fiction imprint.  Web: http://community.eharlequin.com/WebX?14@@.4a835dfe, Guidelines: http://www.eharlequin.com/articlepage.html?articleId=538&chapter=0.

06-15-07 What's in a Name?  Audrey Magazine, National lifestyle magazine for modern American women of Asian descent. Covers a variety of topics of interest to Asian American women, from fashion and beauty to career and current events. Stories range from 1,500 to 2,000 words with rates varying from $150 to $200 per piece.
Also see: http://www.audreymagazine.com/employment.asp, Guidelines: http://tinyurl.com/2qcuxc.

06-15-07 It's a Woman's World  Seattle Woman Magazine, Women's magazine. Topics can be about health and wellness, art and culture, community, profiles, business, food, politics, family, relationships and more. Pay varies.  Guidelines: http://www.seattlewomanmagazine.com/guidelines.htm.

06-15-07 Cookin'!  Chef Mom, Publishes recipe features, cooking tips and information, nutrition advice and other helpful ideas for the family chef. "Various features will be considered, including those including recipes, however, we do not pay for individual recipe submissions." Paying market.  Web site: http://www.chefmom.com, Guidelines: http://sheknows.com/aboutus/category/for-writers/.

06-15-07 Marking Time  Telemark Skier, Promoting the growth of the sport and facilitating the process by presenting the people and places paramount to telemark skiing. While based in the United States, Telemark Skier is always interested in stories and news from around the world-the Alps, Andes, Himalayas, Canadian Rockies, Southern Alps, Great Dividing Range, etc. Pays $0.10 to 0.30 per word.  Guidelines: http://tinyurl.com/33td6s.

06-15-07 Wild and Crazy Guy  Wildlife in North Carolina, Covers fishing, hunting and outdoor recreational opportunities in North Carolina, conservation, environmental and wildlife, etc. Pay: $400 and up for a full-length feature, and $500 and up for an article and photographs purchased as a package.  Web site: http://www.wildlife.state.nc.us/pg09_NCWildStore/pg9a1.htm, Guidelines: http://www.wildlife.state.nc.us/pg09_NCWildStore/pg9a4.htm.

05-17-07 Flying High  Hemispheres, the in-flight magazine of United Airlines is published by Pace Communications. Articles are written primarily by freelance writers. Edited for a global mix of educated, affluent business and leisure travelers. Five core departments run in each issue: Global Gourmet, InnerViews (is a Q&A with world leaders), Executive Secrets, Good Spirits, and Teed Off (Golf). Occasional topics include Family Travel, Great Saves, SportsCast, On Wheels, and more. High-paying market. Click on About Us at their web site for the latest guidelines.
Guidelines: http://www.hemispheresmagazine.com/mar07/aboutus.html

05-17-07 News to Me  Fresh, Hannaford's publication for its customers. A supermarket chain of more than 150 stores throughout New England and New York, Hannaford is headquartered in Maine. The magazine conveys a passion for food, cooking and healthy living. Three feature articles per issue, plus several departments. Fees vary. Guidelines: http://www.pohlyco.com/about-pohly/guidelines/fresh.html

05-15-07 Reaching Out  Adoption Today, Topics include Parenting, Research, Health, Family, Adoption Journeys, Single Parenting, Birth Country/Cultural Information, Multicultural Families. "Contributing writers will be paid for their articles in the form of complimentary subscriptions or copies...Thereafter, compensation for published writers can be negotiated and contracted."  Guidelines: http://www.adoptinfo.net/guidelines.html.

05-15-07 Way Up North  AlbertaViews, Bimonthly magazine dedicated to providing well-written and well-researched commentary on the culture, politics and economy of Alberta. Pays up to $0.50 (Canadian) per word.  Guidelines: http://www.albertaviews.ab.ca/guidelines.html.

05-15-07 No Men Allowed  Woman's Day, publishes fiction related to women's daily lives, romances, mysteries, plus the occasional ghost story. No sexually explicit stories. Length around 2,000 words. Purchases first Australian and New Zealand rights for each story. The usual fee for a short story is $350. Guidelines:

05-15-07 Cruising Along  Cruise Magazine A bi-monthly niche travel publication that celebrates the cruising & luxury travel lifestyle. Audience is the affluent travel enthusiast. Stories cover all aspects cruising; in-depth features on port cities; ships; hotel and resort profiles; specialized luxury tour features; new hospitality trends and personal travel; essays. Paying market. Guidelines: http://www.cruisemagonline.com/pdf/contributorguidelines.pdf.

05-15-07 Noble Beast  Men of Integrity, Pocket-sized daily bible devotional guide that encourages regular Scripture study and applies biblical truth to the specific gritty issues men face. Seeks to regularly publish African-American, Hispanic, Native American, and Messianic Jewish writers. Pays $50. Reprints $25. Guidelines: http://www.christianitytoday.com/men/features/guidelines.html.

05-15-07 Family Oriented  Family Chronicle, For family researchers covering genealogy and family history. Published six times a year. Payment varies: ' not less than US$55 per page and the average is considerably higher.' Average length: 2,000 words. Query first by email.  Guidelines: http://www.familychronicle.com/anotes.htm.

05-15-07 All Wet  Midstream, A monthly Jewish review. Welcomes submission of manuscripts that deal with Jewish life and culture, current Jewish affairs, political, social, and cultural, in America and in Israel. Each issue contains many articles, at least one short story (fiction), and 5-10 poems. Length: articles: 2,000 to 4,000 words; fiction: 2,000 to 5,000 words. Pays $0.05 per word, $25 for poems.
Guidelines: http://www.midstreamthf.com/writerguide.html.

05-15-07 City Guy  Country Woman, A bimonthly magazine for women who live in or long for the country. Covers recipes, decorating, antiques, gardening, nostalgia, health, finance and lifestyle issues related to rural living. Pays approx $0.50 per word for some pieces (see guidelines for more precise details). Guidelines: http://www.countrywomanmagazine.com

05-15-07 Working Up a Sweat  Her Sports,. Published 6 times annually. For smart, active women who use sports and fitness to balance their busy lifestyles. Readers are strong, independent women who participate in a variety of active sports--including running, triathlon, mountain biking, skiing, surfing, snowboarding, hiking and other popular individual sports. Pays $150 to $450.
Guidelines: http://www.hersports.com/contribute.html

05-15-07 Cheers!  Better Health, Bimonthly health and wellness magazine that offers its 500,000 readers perceptive articles on health, medicine, fitness, nutrition and personal well-being. Pays on acceptance, $250 to $1,000.
Web site http://www.srhs.org/betterhealth.asp, Guidelines:  http://www.srhs.org/bh_submit.asp.

05-15-07 Higher than a Kite  Altitude, The official in-flight magazine for Caribbean Star and Caribbean Sun airlines. Quarterly magazine, publishing in March, June, September and December. Pay: US$0.20 - $0.40 per word, depending on the section of the magazine. Web site: http://www.altitudemagazine.com/, Guidelines: http://www.westindiespublishing.com/pubs/altitude_guidelines.html.

05-15-07 Knock on Wood  Log Home Living Magazine, A monthly magazine for people who own or are planning to build contemporary log homes. It is devoted almost exclusively to modern manufactured and handcrafted kit log homes. Interest in historical or nostalgic stories of very old log cabins, reconstructed log homes, or one-of-a-kind owner-built homes is secondary. Fees vary. $100 kill fee.
Web site: http://www.loghomeliving.com/store/index.cfm?dept_id=18,
Guidelines: http://www.loghomeliving.com/document_display.cfm?document_id=98.

05-15-07 Wild and Crazy Guy  Defenders, Quarterly magazine published for the membership of Defenders of Wildlife, a national nonprofit organization devoted to wildlife conservation. Paying market. Guidelines: http://www.defenders.org/defendersmag/sections/freelance.html.

05-15-07 Tying One On  Fly Tyer, Published quarterly. Covers every aspect of the craft of fly tying--techniques and tricks, new patterns, classic dressings, and history. Chiefly interested in how-to articles about techniques and new patterns. Does not accept product "roundups" or "reviews" from freelancers. Approx. 25-35 freelance articles per year. Almost all contributors are subscribers. Pays up to $450 for features.
Web: http://www.flyfishingmagazines.com/magazine_ft.shtml, Guidelines: http://www.flyfishingmagazines.com/guidelines_ft.shtml.

05-15-07 Cookin'  Home Cooking Magazine, A bi-monthly newsprint magazine. Each issue has recipes, cookbook reviews, tips for busy cooks, fun food facts and more. Pays: $20 to $300. Note: Purchases all rights.
Guidelines: http://tinyurl.com/2f4hg6

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