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June 2007                                Volume 7 - No. 10       
       President Pro Tem - D. J. Herda                     Secretary/Treasurer - Faye M. Swetky

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Monthly Features



Books Beat
What's up with the printed word

With the right amount of money and hyperbole, you can still drive nearly any dead horse into the pop charts. Ask American Idol's Simon Cowell. He's made a career of it.

It's the Law
From the highest courts and beyond

The federal appeals court in New York recently tossed out a key FCC indecency ruling that said a slip of the tongue gets broadcasters a fine for indecency: here's why.

Media Moguldom
Big Screen/Little Screen news and trends

Jessica Alba, who switched from natural dark-brunette to golden blonde for hit films Fantastic Four and Sin City, enjoys the attention she attracts as a lighthead.

Our best feats forward

I know nothing about what is going on in the country, I hear nothing, I have nothing to say, I am a writer locked up with a book that is due on Tuesday, so I'm taking a break.

MarketSmart (Link Deactivated)
Generate "smart ink" for your books

Get your Mojo working...and get all the "smart ink" (translation: free) you want and need to peddle yourself and your properties more effectively--all for nada!


Just Ask
Where to go to find the answers you need
If it has to do with writing, publishing, selling, producing your manuscript--or even mixing the perfect Martini--just ask, because, brother, do we have the answer for you!


Writer for Hire (Link Deactivated)
Find freelance writer-editor gigs fast

You're a quality writer with something to say and a knack for saying it right.  Or an editor.  Or a screenwriter.  Or whatever.  Here's a great place to find that perfect gig.


Legal Matters
Information that could change
your life

Find up-to-date legal counseling and suggestions about your pending contracts.  Get sample script options, sales forms, publishing contracts, and more.


Literary Agents (Link Deactivated)
Find the agent of your dreams

Finding the right match in a literary agent--someone who's in touch with you as well as your work--has been tougher than you might have thought.  We help ease the pain.



Archives (Links Deactivated)
Check out past issues of Scribe!

Go back in time to uncover the Janet Jackson Superbowl fiasco, the real story behind Dan Rather's departure from CBS, what Stephen King is doing now, and more!


Breaking new markets and more

Get the last word on who's buying what and where--great news for writers and screenwriters, alike, who are  looking for hot new feature film, television, and publishing markets.


Media Reach
Pitch your work to editors and producers

Let us send your latest Op-Eds, magazine articles, short stories, book proposals, or screenplays with hundreds of the hottest editors and producers working today!


In Review
Find or become a book reviewer today

Book reviewers are hungry for good reads so they can write good copy so their readers can send good comments to their editors, who just want a good stiff drink.


PR Reach for automatic monthly promotion of you and your work

Automatic Promotion via Writer for Hire

And much more!

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Our crowning glories - coming soon!

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