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Alianiella, Gina / Advertising Copy, Articles (Print & Web), Blogs, Book Reviews, Case Studies/Company Histories/Profiles, Editing, Essays, Poetry, Press Releases, Proofreading, Rewriting, Scripts, Teaching/Mentoring, Web Content & SEO Writing


Bacue, Don / Southwestern United States

Categories: Editing, Ghostwriting, Rewriting, PR Material Writing


Blackwell, Deanna / Midwestern United States

Categories: Co-Writing, Editing, Ghostwriting, Original Writing, Rewriting, PR Material Writing


Herda, D. J. / Southwestern United States

Categories: Co-Writing, Editing, Ghostwriting, Original Writing, PR Material Writing, Rewriting, Teaching & Mentoring


Wine, Bill / Northeastern United States

 Categories: Co-Writing, Editing, Copy Editing, Proofreading, Ghostwriting, Rewriting, Teaching, Writing Original Material


Yasnyi, Linda / South Central United States

Categories: Proofreading, Co-Writing, Editing, Ghostwriting, Rewriting, Teaching/Mentoring, Writing Original Material


Yokel, Dindy / Southern United States

Categories: Co-writing, Editing, Ghostwriting, Marketing Material Writing, Original Writing, Press Material Writing, Teaching & Mentoring


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